Archetypes and symbols can be ways to question and understand ourselves and the world around us. Stories often use a lot of archetypes and symbols to help us understand, navigate, and communicate our reality.

The Story Card deck includes some of those archetypes and symbols, and is structured similarly to the minor arcana of a tarot deck. But while the structure is similar, the actual cards are less so. Each suit in the Story Card deck represents a motivation for a story's protagonist, and each card is a plot element to keep the story going. Still, if you look at your life as a storyteller, you might be able to use these cards in your existing divination practices. Click on one of the birds below to see suggestions of how to interpret the cards of each suit.

Click on the red swan to learn more about the suit of desire and ambition.

Click on the blue owl to learn more about the suit of curiosity and wonder.

Click on the red hawk to learn more about the suit of justice.

Click on the blue dove to learn more about the suit of charity and compassion.

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