Swans are symbols of love and beauty, and are associated with Venus and Aphrodite. As the Swans suit is one of physical desires and material success, it can be associated with the element of Earth.

The Ace of Swans

is the feeling of want, desire, ambition, hunger, or need. Like any Ace, this is a starting point. There is a lack to fill, and this provides a potential direction for your story.

Reversed, this becomes the feeling of revulsion or the need to get away.

photo of swan's head

The Two of Swans

another person on the path of desire. A Two can signify a partnership or a duality. This person wants the same thing you want, but are not necessarily taking the same path to that goal. They may be willing and able to share what you both want, but there is no guarantee.

The reverse is another person wanting to avoid the same thing you do. They may be willing to help you get away, or they may be willing to leave you behind.

The Three of Swans

is a disadvantage of the body, mind, or spirit. One of these three things is out of balance or underdeveloped in comparison to the other two. It needs to be nurtured or compensated for. Threes point to opportunities for creativity, growth, and teamwork.

The reverse is an obstacle placed in your path by an outside force, either knowingly trying to hinder you, or unaware of how you are affected.

The Four of Swans

an understanding of who and where you are, and how to proceed from here. Fours provide a stable foundation to work from.

The reverse is an understanding of who and where you are without any idea of where or how to go on.

The Five of Swans

is a self-destructive desire. This may manifest as a distraction, a temptation, or someone you love but can not trust. Fives invite conflict with their instability.

The reverse is a willingness to hurt yourself in order to escape or avoid something.

The Six of Swans

is someone who has what you want. Sixes call for adjusting yourself, your expectations, or the world around you into proper alignment. This person who has what you want may be someone to be envied, or emulated, or someone who needs to be overcome for you to get what they have.

The reverse is someone who wants what you have. They might envy you, model themselves after you, or try to take from you.

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The Seven of Swans

is the cost of your desire. Sevens provide knowledge, and invite you to reflect and reassess. What you want has a price which might be more than you are willing to pay, or more than the desire is worth. Or it may be worth every penny and more.

The reverse is debt. Someone else has paid the cost of your desire, or your escape. You may not be willing or able to pay them back.

The Eight of Swans

is an opportunity to change direction. Eights mark a point of accomplishment, and point towards potential growth or change. With the Eight of Swans, you find another way to interpret information you have, or find a mistake you have made.

The reverse is limited options. You have achieved something, and whether it is right or wrong, you have the opportunity to magnify this achievement if you do not change course.

The Nine of Swans

is the moment of decision. Nines are opportunities for fulfillment. What you desire is before you. If you choose, your life will be changed from one who pursues to one who has or is what you sought.

The reverse is an option to cut all ties, pursue something else, or be someone else.

The Ten of Swans

is achievement. Tens mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. With the Ten of Swans, you have something new. Perhaps you are someone new. Take a moment to celebrate.

The reverse is escape. You have successfully avoided what you wanted to avoid. Take a moment to catch your breath.

The Youth of Swans

The Youth of Swans is fame. The Youth card is full of potential. With the Youth of Swans, you are known, or at least known of. You will be remembered, for the moment. New opportunities are open to you.

The reverse is anonymity. You travel under the radar, unseen and quickly forgotten.

The Hero of Swans

is wealth, however you define it. The Hero card is a sign that you are being looked to as a role model for behaviour, and is also an opportunity to look around to see where there is need. With the Hero of Swans, you have a surplus of one resource, and people are watching to see how you will use it.

The reverse is need. A need which is beginning to define you. Everyone needs things, but need marks vulnerability, and vulnerability is often judged.

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The Champion of Swans

is the leader. The Champion card stands for a people or a principle. The leader has power, authority, and responsibility. The leader has followers. The leader has respect and admiration. The leader has to think of the needs of the group, and not just themself.

The reverse is the fearmonger, who tries to exert control by spreading fear. They seek control to meet their own desires, and only look to others’ needs when seeking fuel for more fear.

The Legend of Swans

is immortality. It may be your reputation, your creation, your influence, or your teachings, but some part of you will outlast your lifespan. Or, this may be a card of good health, and long life. Legend cards mark impacts with the greater universe, sending ripples out which make changes.

The reverse is corruption, staining anything it comes into contact with, and spreading its influence to bring things down.