Owls are symbols of wisdom and learning. As the Owl cards are about communication and mental processes, they can be associated with the element of Air.

The Ace of Owls

is the feeling of curiosity or mystery. There is something unknown, or not understood, and there is a sense that answers can be found. This is a starting point for a new story, or a new way to tell an old story.

The reverse is the feeling of conviction. All is already known. The convinced person can share what they know, but are not open to learning more.

grey owl

The Two of Owls

The Two of Owls is a field of knowledge one can study. The duality of the Two appears in the partnership between yourself and your area of focus, however broad or narrow your scope.

The reverse is a belief which is held true and not challenged. Perhaps it has not been allowed to be challenged.

The Three of Owls

is something kept or hidden from you. This may or may not be intentional. Threes call for creativity, and invite opportunities to work with other people. Who do you know who might have knowledge you seek?

The reverse is knowledge in your keeping which someone else needs to hear.

barn owl

The Four of Owls

is seeing a clear path or place of balance which could not be seen before. A Four is a point of stability; a structure you can benefit from or be bound by.

The reverse is choosing to make a path, place of balance, or place of rest, where none can be found.

The Five of Owls

is a lie: exaggerating, deceiving, or leaving out key information. Fives are inherently unstable, and are birthplaces for conflict. No lie stands on its own, without help.

The reverse is a truth: accurate and uncompromising.

The Six of Owls

is a hint or clue. This is not always obvious, but it is there to be found. Sixes call for an adjustment, and are opportunities for communication and harmony. The adjustment called for to see this clue may be internal or external.

The reversal is looking inwards for the information you seek. The information may be within you, but looking outwards occasionally is essential for learning.

The Seven of Owls

is memory. This may be something you remember, something someone else remembers, a piece of recorded history, or a shared tradition in memory of someone or something. Sevens provide knowledge, and invite you to reflect and reassess.

The reversal is creation: making something new instead of finding what is already there.

horned owl

The Eight of Owls

is confusion or chaos. It is hard to know where any choice might lead. Eights mark that something has been accomplished, and point to opportunities for growth and change. Humility is called for.

The reversal is certainty and confidence. You know how to proceed from here.

The Nine of Owls

is the lesson learned. Nines open the potential for fulfillment and attainment. This is an opportunity to reflect on experiences and choose what you will take with you going forward.

The reverse is a lesson taught. There is an option to communicate a message to someone in a way they might hear and remember it.

The Ten of Owls

is discovery. Tens mark the end of one cycle, and the beginning of another. You have found something new, or at least new to you. This might be new information, or a new perspective on information you already had.

The reversal is forgetting. There is something you are not paying attention to, perhaps on purpose.

The Youth of Owls

is the student. The Youth card is full of potential. There is so much to learn, and so many choices of how to learn it.

The reverse is blissful ignorance. Not knowing things may hurt, but if you don’t know that there are things you don’t know, it can be very relaxing and stress free.

The Hero of Owls

is the guide: familiar with the route and willing to help others get where they want to go and learn what they want to learn. The Hero card is a sign that you are being looked to as an example, and is also an opportunity to look around to see what is and isn’t around you.

The reverse is the advertiser, whose job is to convince people they need what the advertiser is selling.

The Champion of Owls

is the interrogator, whose job is to find the truth from people, often when there is no evidence, or the evidence is contradictory. The Champion card stands for a people or a principle. Insight into human nature and thoroughness of questioning are called for.

The reverse is the missionary, whose job is to bring truth to people. Insight into human nature and mastery of the subject matter are called for.

The Legend of Owls

is the mentor, who shares what knowledge and wisdom they have found, but are always looking for more. Legend cards mark impacts with the greater universe, sending ripples out which make changes. The mentor has realized how much they do not know, has a good idea of where to start looking, and sees learning as a shared endeavor.

The reverse is the riddler. Knowledge is power, and the riddler sets up challenges and barriers so that only the worthy might learn what they know.

snowy owl