Hawks are symbols of perception and decisiveness. As the suit of Hawks is one of passion, purpose, and will, it can be associated with the element of Fire.

The Ace of Hawks

is the survivor of injustice. Aces mark the start of a new story, or a new way to tell an old story, and with the Ace of Hawks, something has gone wrong, or someone has been wronged, and the survivor is willing or forced to fight in order to put things right.

The reverse is supremacy. One person, supreme over all others, begins to see others as tools or obstacles, instead of as people.

The Two of Hawks

The Two of Hawks is the duality between one who seeks justice, and the cause of the injustice. The seeker pursues something which is in some way a part of them, for now. What went wrong? Who made it go wrong?

The reverse is a feeling of isolation and invulnerability. Someone feels untouchable, alone, or unable to be affected by others.

brown hawk

The Three of Hawks

is a reversal, revolt, or sudden change. Threes signify opportunities for creativity, growth, and teamwork.

Right side up, this sudden change is chosen. Upside down, this is imposed.

The Four of Hawks

is how things were before an injustice was felt or noticed. The survivor wants to get back to this point of stability and structure represented by a Four.

The reverse is an idea of how things should be, and this idea is a source or cause of injustice.

The Five of Hawks

is destroying something; tearing it down to make a change or to build something new. Fives mark change and instability. This is often accompanied by conflict.

The reverse is reinforcing something, making it stronger and longer lasting.

red hawk

The Six of Hawks

is being removed from a situation, or being forbidden to be a part of something. Sixes call for adjusting yourself, your expectations, or the world around you into proper alignment. The Six of Hawks reveals a need for communication and harmony.

The reversal is intrusion, or becoming a part of something whether invited or not.

The Seven of Hawks

is being imprisoned, impeded, or stopped. Sevens are opportunities for reflection and reassessment. These opportunities aren’t always welcome ones.

The reverse is relentless progress and not being slowed or stopped by anything.

The Eight of Hawks

is acting now, without allowing doubt or fear of failure to make you hesitate. Eights signify that you are accomplished. Eights are opportunities for change and growth.

The reversal is quitting while you’re ahead. You’ve already won. You have nothing to prove.


The Nine of Hawks

is vengeance. Nines are opportunities for fulfillment and finishing. Vengeance is not the same as justice, but sometimes it is as close as one can get. If you can’t raise the oppressed, you can at least bring down the exalted.

The reverse is triumph. This is the sign of a lone winner, or at least a lone person getting the credit for a win.

The Ten of Hawks

is the opportunity to set things right. Tens mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Finally, things will be as they always should have been, or as close as possible.

The reverse is might makes right. Whoever has the most power will make the choice which is best for them.

The Youth of Hawks

is redistribution. The Youth card is full of opportunity and potential. With the Youth of Hawks, something is taken from those who claim ownership of it, and given to those who need it.

The reverse is predation: going to those who have little and taking that little away.

The Hero of Hawks

is the judge who examines evidence, and pronounces judgement. The Hero is looked to as a role model, and is called to look around at the people who look to the Hero for justice. This judgement a judge pronounces may bring justice, or may cause or confirm injustice.

The reverse is prejudice, which brings its judgement to any evidence considered. This, too, can bring justice or injustice.

The Champion of Hawks

The Champion of Hawks is the assassin. The Champion stands for a people or a principle, even if that principle is removing sources of injustice, or the professional ethics of doing a job one was paid to do. The Champion of Hawks is an individual who has decided the best response to a problem is to remove a person. Story Cards does not promote murder as a response to problems, and reminds the reader that there are other ways to remove someone from your life, or even to reinforce your personal boundaries in regards to someone.

The reverse is the executioner, who acts similarly to the assassin, but as a representative of the state, or of society, or the community, executing the judgement of someone who had the institutional authority to judge.

The Legend of Hawks

is the tyrant, who does not need to listen to anyone else. Legend cards mark impacts with the greater universe, sending ripples out which make changes. The tyrant can impose their will, and their version of justice, upon others.

The reverse is compromise, which leaves no one fully satisfied. Compromise is messy, difficult, and always needs to be revisited that it can grow and change as people do.

flying hawk