Doves are a symbol of nurture and peace. As the suit of Doves is one of relationships and empathy, it can be associated with the element of Water.

mourning dove

The Ace of Doves

is someone who needs help. This person may have been victimized by another, may be oppressed by a system, or in some other way needs assistance. Aces mark the start of a new story, or a new way to tell an old story.

The reverse is a desperate person who feels they can not afford to risk losing anything else.

The Two of Doves

is an acceptance of help or an agreement to help. Two parties come into balance in a partnership where they share a decision of how at least one of them can be assisted. The duality of the two parties has come into harmony.

The reverse is compulsion. Taking no risks, someone who needs help is willing to make certain they get the help they need.

The Three of Doves

is a terrible attack on the body, mind, or spirit. This is not necessarily an intentional attack, but it hurts nonetheless. Threes signify opportunities for creativity, growth, and teamwork, and in this case, calls for the Four of Doves.

The reverse is tearing something down to protect it from others. No one can attack anything if you destroy it, first.

The Four of Doves

is unity, cooperation, or teamwork. Fours signify stability and order. The Four of Doves is an opportunity for people to work together for a common cause.

The reverse is distrust or fear of others, that they might get what you need.

The Five of Doves

is the attempt to make a difference or help someone. This is rarely done in a single step, and is more often a journey or quest to change things for the better. Fives are opportunities for conflict, so pay attention.

The reversal is retreat or fortification, hunkering down for protection.

spotted dove

The Six of Doves

is the reason help is needed, showing both an adjustment or realignment which has happened and needs to be brought back into harmony. This is the cause of the problem or the root of the issue that needs to be addressed.

The reversal is the scapegoat. Finding someone to blame for the problem is not the same thing as fixing the problem.

The Seven of Doves

is a moment of fear, inspiring a flight or fight response. Sevens are opportunities for reassessment. In this case, very prompt reassessment.

Right side up, this card suggests the flight response to fear. Reversed, the fight response is suggested.

The Eight of Doves

is a surprising turn of events. Eights mark achievements and chances for growth, but the Eight of Doves is an achievement accomplished through overturning assumptions or betraying expectations.

The reversal is doing the unexpected, even if it means breaking your word.

The Nine of Doves

is the moment change is realized. Nines signify fulfillment. Helping someone means changing something, and change usually results in, or is the result of, conflict. So when in conflict, look for the change occurring.

The reverse is surrender. This is yielding before a potential choice or conflict in the hopes of avoiding it.

dove closeup

The Ten of Doves

is salvation. Someone is helped; something is saved. Tens are the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Rescuing someone may end one story, but it starts another.

The reverse is condemnation. Something is destroyed; someone is lost.

The Youth of Doves

is the underdog. The Youth card is full of opportunity and potential. The odds are stacked against the underdog, and the underdog needs what help they can get. Some of those offers of help, though, have a lot of strings attached.

The reverse is the perfectionist. Good isn’t good enough. Nothing less than the best is acceptable.

flying dove

The Hero of Doves

is the stranger. This may be a stranger who needs help, or a stranger who offers help. The Hero card represents who you look to, or who looks to you.

The reverse is the crowd. A stranger can be appealed to, and a relationship can begin. A crowd always has some anonymity, some sense of separation, and while a crowd can be appealed to, no relationship can really form.

The Champion of Doves

is the family. This can be a family of birth, or of choice. Their problems become your problems. Your problems become their problems. The Champion stands for a people or a principle. These are your people. Helping yourself and helping each other are sometimes the same thing.

The reverse is the fairweather friend, who comes to you when things are going well for you, to celebrate with you, or to ask you for help. When you need help, though, they disappear.

The Legend of Doves

is the monster. Legend cards mark impacts with the greater universe, sending ripples out which make changes. Everything changes when the monster visits, including what is considered possible. Change brings an element of fear, an element of the unknown, and the power of potential.

The reverse is being a part of something bigger than yourself. Whether this is a group, a purpose, or an understanding of divinity, you are not alone. Your choices affect more than just you. You are affected by more than just your choices.